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Welcome to Tickets2Events

We are a ticketing and registration platform dedicated to bringing the world together through live experiences.

Started in 2001, tickets2events provide ticketing platform to promote your events and sell tickets online. Clients include Concert Organizers, Special Events organizers, Sports Arenas, Live Entertainment promoters, Theaters, Concert Halls, and Outdoor Events. tickets2events provides a diverse range of services including computerized ticketing systems, admission systems, and a fully customizable website.

Through the Services, tickets2events provides a simple and quick means for registered users who are event organizers (“Organizers”) to create event registration, related to their events, and to sell tickets and registrations (or issue free registrations) to those events to users who wish to make purchases, registrations to such events (including to free events) (“Attendees”). We refer to Organizers, Attendees and other visitors and browsers of the Services collectively as “Users” or “you.”

The decision of whether or not to allow refunds is made by the organizer. Tickets2events assumes no responsibility for making any such decision, and will have no responsibility to issue refunds. However, if a refund is authorized by the organizer, then it will be tickets2events who will process refunds for those tickets sold through our Internet site. Please note that delivery prices and certain other fees associated with a ticket order will not be refunded.

tickets2events is not allowed to refund any customers without the event organizers authorization. All tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please get in touch with the organizer regarding this. Contact details are available in the event display page.